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How to create your own 360 videos and pics

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How to create your own 360 videos and pics

FullDive Camera is a simple app to take pictures with your mobile that you can then experience in virtual reality. In truth the images are a not full 360 degrees, but it is a good approximation – and looks pretty convincing when viewed in VR – especially considering it is captured with a single camera. Also, FullDive has a real passion for this technology - with multiple other video and image apps that surround you with enjoyment.

The best solution to take 360 degrees pictures is undoubtedly Cardboard Camera - which at this point shouldn’t be a huge surprise. With Cardboard Camera you can easily capture panoramic images that record all round you… providing you don’t look up or down. It also has the ability to record the audio around you, which makes your creations feel far more realistic and immersive. Plus, as Cardboard is so affordable, it’s easy to share your video with your friends and family.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Google has another great 360 image capture app. This one is integrated into Streetview and lets you upload your images directly to the service – allowing you to share all the places you have visited in a full 360 for others to enjoy. With or without a VR headset. You may remember this service as the previously separate Photo Sphere, but by integrating the service Google made the sharing process even more simple.

If are looking to make professional-quality 360 degrees videos, then often you will have to perform some pretty dramatic post-production to synchronize all your different video and camera angles, which is not easy. To help, there are a few specific video editing apps you can try. If you have experience in video editing, try Video Stitch. This synchronizes, automatically calibrates, stabilizes, and enhances images to make them compatible with any VR glasses. True, it’s a paid app, but there is a trail version. If you try it and it doesn’t suit, then there is also Autopano Video, but this is also a paid app.

Making 360 degrees videos for later viewing in VR is more tricky than usual video-editing because it’s hard to do the recording without appearing in your own shot – and all the post production of course. That is unless you have a specialized camera such as the Samsung Gear 360 or the 360cam record everything around you in one go. True, these are both expensive bits of kit, but at least you don’t have to worry about any complicated or imperfect post-production task. If you want to see the results of the 360cam, then you can download the app to check out what other users have created.

You see, playing games and watching movies in VR, is much easier than making your own photos and videos – but nowhere near as rewarding. Next week we will be back with a selection of apps to easily learn foreign languages. Let's see if I improve my Spanish.
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